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Leads. Growth. Repeat.



Founded by marketing experts to transform B2B businesses from good, to great.

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Generated thousands of leads contributing to millions of Riyals to our clients' revenue.

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Uplifted marketing efforts of our clients to generate more quality leads and better ROIs.


Leads is a digital marketing agency, offering uniquely designed marketing services for B2B companies to generate high-quality leads and accelerate their growth.

Our team of young talents, perform as an extended team of our clients with a sense of ownership to ensure successful achievement of OKRs and KPIs for our clients.

Our goal is to become the premier B2B marketing agency in the region, providing end-to-end marketing solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage to compete against their competition in their respective markets.

Our Story

Leads was founded as a specialized B2B marketing agency when the founders realized that most B2B companies in the GCC have yet to adapt to how fast marketing and lead generation strategies, techniques, and tools have evolved in the last decade or so.‌

Those companies focused on connections, events networking, and site visits to their potential clients to fill their sales pipeline. Though these methods are still effective today, those companies are leaving behind a lot of potential clients that are searching for products or services on the Internet!‌

Leads came about to help these companies adapt to the new methods of marketing where digital marketing play a big role in marketing B2B companies and generating high-quality leads that would bring in a lot of value to any company’s pipeline and eventually increase their revenue.‌

Our goal is to help clients increase their visibility on the internet and bring in high-quality leads to achieve sales targets and even exceed these targets.